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5 Tips for a Perfect Candy Buffet


Candy buffets are all the rage they can serve as a focal point for your event as well as providing affordable yummy party favors for your guest.  The first step in designing a candy buffet is to choose a theme. Whether you have an actual theme or you just plan on using a particular color scheme choose something that captures the spirit of your event and build from there.  I like to choose a theme and then work through all the different color schemes that could potentially work; and decide on one that either gives me the most options as far as materials or I go with colors I have used in the past to avoid having to buy new materials.

Next you want to choose what sweets you will have. When planning this stage I like to ask myself a couple questions.  Are there any desserts that tie into the theme? For example if you are planning a movie theatre themed event cute cupcakes decorated like boxes of popcorn would make a cute centerpiece.  How can I co-ordinate this with my theme or color scheme?  Sprinkles, edible glitter, color spray, cupcake toppers, labels and different ornaments can be used to tie everything together with your theme. They also are affordable options that can give your event that custom feel.

A table with a bunch of bowls all sitting at the same height is going to be BORING. I like to add to the drama by adding height whenever I can. You can achieve this by buying jars of different sizes or using risers or boxes.  My favorite affordable option are the photo boxes at Michaels.  They are often on sale, and even when they are not  their weekly coupons still make them an awesome value. These boxes come in a variety of colors and patterns which makes them an easy inexpensive addition.

If you already have your jars, the most expensive part of your buffet is going to be your candy.  A rule of thumb when purchasing candy is to buy 1 oz. per guest.  You don’t want to buy huge jars if you are only having 10 guest because a half filled jar will not look good on your table, and there is no sense buying candy to feed 50 people because of aesthetic reasons. This brings me to my next point, the favor boxes or bags need to be the appropriate size. They need to be large enough to hold that 1 oz. portion, but not too large because the last thing you want is for a few guest to fill up their bags and not leave anything for the other guest. I prefer to use bags around 3.5 x 5 in. this is enough to give everyone a taste but not so much that they are eating on candy for weeks.  Also when choosing your jars, you want to have easy access. It would be terrible for your guest to break your jars trying to get out a dollars worth of candy.  You want jars with wide openings at the top, they need to be wide enough to fit your utensils or your hand through with ease.  As for utensils a good rule of thumb would be to use spoons or scoops for small round unwrapped candy, tongs for loose large or irregular shaped candy like Twizzlers, and for wrapped candies no utensils are needed. 

This is not an everything you need to know guide to candy buffets, that knowledge comes with practice and figuring what works best for you, but this post will get you started on the right path to having a successful buffet.